Alum Cast-ALCAST
Alum Whls Clean-ALWHS
Does not have valve stem intact and is free of wheel weights.
Chrome Aluminum Wheels
Aluminum wheels that have a chroming applied to the surface of the wheel. All valve stems and wheel weights need to be removed.
Alum Whls Dirty-ALWHLSDY
They are considered dirty if they have the valve stem intact.
ALCOAS/Semi Rims
Alum CU Rad Clean- ALCR
Composed of Copper tubing and Aluminium only , no steel
Alum Rad Clean
Aluminum Radiators that have the non-Aluminum tanks removed off of sides and any other materials removed around the radiator.
Alum Cu Radiator Ends
Composed of #2 Copper, Aluminium and Steel.
Clean aluminum wire can sometimes have a steel core going through or around it.
INS AL WIRE- Neoprene
Copper Bare Bright-CUBB
Bare, uncoated, unalloyed copper wire free of attachments.
Copper #1-CU1
Insul Copper #1/ICW#1
Insul Copper#2/ICW#2
Low Recovery-ICWLOW
Auto Harness Wire
Wires inside of a heavy plastic from cars.
Electric Motors
Electric motors are taken from various appliances, machines, and equipment.
Lead Clean- PB
Wheel Weights-PBWW
No iron clips attached
No holes, battery intact. Lead-acid batteries only.
Found in cars, trucks, and other vehicles, they are filled with wound copper wire.
Brass Auto Rad Clean-BRADD
Free of steel sides and no coolant inside.
Consist of copper inside of them, found in lighting fixtures.
Brass Auto Rad Dirty-BRRADDY
Yellow Brass
Mixed Brass castings, taps, valves, rod brass, chrome plated brass.
Red Brass
Free of high lead contamination or steel.
Call us for more information on our red brass.
Dirty Brass
Yellow Brass Shells
Little plastic/dirt/steel attached or residue inside w/out primers.
Brass Heater Core
SS 304-SS304
Must be analyzed and have no attachments. Commonly found in kitchen equipment.
All scrap ferrous materials, light or heavy in gauge, free of glass/plastics/debris & contamination.
Household appliances (“white” goods), hot water heaters, and misc sheet steel.
Prepared Iron" Short Iron"
Any Metal that is 3' x 18" in measurement,
Long Iron
If the vehicle is over 10 years of age, you must have a title. Anything older will require a bill of sale.
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We have been in business for over 12 years buying scrap metal. We buy a variety of non-ferrous materials like coppers, aluminum's, brass, batteries, electrical wire, electric motors and etc. We also buy cars, heavy irons and all grades of steels and light ferrous materials. We also can arrange for onsite pickup. We have the ability to handle scrap heavy equipment, tractors, combines and other large metal items. We also offer mobile car crushing services. In some cases, depending upon volume and scrap amounts, we can do field and industrial work. Don't forget that we can do commercial demolition work as well.